When your baby becomes a Bird

Following our fun time in the Bugs class at The Little Gym a little while ago, me and Amelie (16 months) set off for some more SERIOUS FUN, as they call it.IMG_1080

Yes – we enrolled for the Birds class. Because she’s a big girl now…or at least, that is what I sound like when explaining it to my 3 year old.

Birds classes are suitable for babies and toddlers from 10 to 19 months.

What is the Little Gym, you ask? Take a peek at our previous time in the Bugs class where we explain just that.

Starting out

As with any baby class/activity, you have to remember to give your little one some time to adjust to the new environment as it can be quite intimidating to them. Don’t expect too much in the first class. Don’t force them, rather just let them be. Show them that you are having a blast and pretty soon, they’ll join in on the fun.

Our 3rd class - this time totally emerged here in some serious fun!

Our 3rd class – this time totally emerged here in some serious fun!

Our 1st class - note the hesitation in body language

Our first class – note the hesitation in the body language










Like with the Bugs classes, the Birds class starts out with parents sitting in a circle with their babies, singing the welcome song in French to the beat of little bell-shakers, a firm favourite amongst the little Birds. Everyone is introduced and the lovely teacher comfortable switches between French and English.

The class is only 45 minutes long because we all know the attention span of youngsters this age is rather short and sweet.

A couple of structured group activities to the tune of prerecorded American songs follow,IMG_1432 ranging from wheelbarrow walking, rolls (assisted of course) and probably the most popular part, the giant parachute held by parents in a circle and flapped up and down and round and round. You will get a pretty good idea of what it’s like by googling “little gym parachute”.  Several fun Youtube videos will pop up all over the world.

These activities are all aimed at developing social and motor skills founded on gymnastics and at the end of the class the instructor provides some examples of activities you can do during the week at home with baby to reinforce what’s been done in class.

Each class concludes with bubbles galore which never gets old in Amelie’s world.

What’s in it for parents?

It definitely seems that especially by the end of the semester, parents are very familiar with each other and details are being exchanged. So, it’s not only an opportunity for your little one to burn off some energy and learn new skills but also for you as parent to connect with other parents.

Free play

As with the other classes, the structured part of the class are followed by some free pIMG_1085lay. The teacher gives some suggestions like forward rolling, walking on the balance beams and swinging on bars. During our first class Amelie was mostly just observing, but by the 3rd class, she was almost pushing the other big boys away to make way for her escapades. She also let out some pretty loud grunts..   I had to remind her that she was after all a princess!

The Grand Finalé


Immediately after the class we all received our photos. A lovely touch to a lovely class.

I was very lucky to attend the final class of the season, where all parents got to bring a guest. This is to celebrate the progress their little ones have made over the semester. There was even a little stage set up where we all posed for the class photo and received a medal.

During the free play, a photographer came around for individual pictures. The princess however was a bit annoyed that her acrobatics had to be interrupted by the paparazzi.

The facilities and staff

As always, the facilities are squeaky clean. There is a comfortable and spacious waiting area and space for people to sit and watch the classes going on through the big window.

Of course there’s a baby changing area with wipes and lots of high chairs in the kitchen area where you can quickly let baby have a snack.

The staff are always very helpful, friendly and genuine. And of course, they can all speak English and won’t be snotty about it.

More details

Remember to dress your little one comfortably. You don’t have to buy special gym attire though. It’s also best to take off their shoes so they can have a better grip and sensory experience.

An introductory class are always offered complimentary. You can book yours here.

Semesters typically run from beginning September to beginning of February and from beginning of February to beginning of July. They start from €468 and you have several availabilities for your specific group during the week to choose from. A membership fee of €55 for the year is also due. Sibling discounts are allowed on membership fees.

Birds classes are on Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, Friday afternoons as well as Saturday mornings.

For further information, check out the website here.

More about Luxmama


As mother of two darling babies, Certified IMPI Holistic Sleep Coach, Baby Planner and Happiest Baby Educator, Marise Hyman provides worldwide maternity coaching for expecting/future/new parents through Marise Hyman Maternity Coaching – setting them up for success, so they can sail into their new lives with confidence!

She is also the founder of the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep, an edgy non-profit organisation raising awareness for green, natural & holistic parenting alternatives, birth rights and postnatal mood disorders by offering a variety of inspiring social and educational events in Luxembourg


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