Once upon a time…there was “Il Etait Une Fois”

IMG_2676Show me a child that doesn’t like music, movement and puppets and I’ll show you a furry jellyfish!

Nestled in a pedestrian alley in Gasperich is Il Etait Une Fois (translated as “once upon a time”),  not-for-profit cultural organisation, created in 2004, with the aim of promoting culture amongst different nationalities.  Their “Reading Corner” is lovely and invites children of all ages to come and read a book in their mother tongue.

They have reading workshops for children in many languages, but with the addition of Giusi and her multi-cultural musical background, have over the last few years expanded their repertoire to classes incorporating music and singing.

Recently, signing classes for babies aged 0-24 months in French have also been included in their activities.

We attended the singalong in English for babies 0-3 years.  The class consists of a course, usually run on Monday mornings and incorporating traditional nursery rhymes and songs with movements, much to the squealing delight of many a baby.

When we arrived, my two little monkeys were instantly smitten with the collection of books and I had to apologise dearly to another mama when my youngest claimed a pink scooter as her own… Yikes!

Before the class starts, parents can grab a coffee while babies warm up.

We were warmly greeted by the lovely Guisi.  Her genuine love for music and children shines through in her eyes.


The song with puppets was a big hit!

Our class started in the colorful room with a greeting song, followed by lively popular nursery rhymes, each with their unique accompanying movements.  It is recommended to enroll for the entire course so your baby can become familiar with the songs, movements and other friends around. (The course usually runs in blocks of six classes.)

It is clear that with regular attendance, this class will play a big roll in your child’s natural language development and will also foster a love for music.  Even my mother enjoyed it!

The class included good old favorites like “wheels on the bus”, a couple of songs I’ve never heard before, and a firm favorite was “the squirrel with the bushy tail” where we could stroke the friendly little furry animal.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly and we all left with a smile.


It took some convincing though for Amelie not to leave with the black panther…sigh…

Further info for this Singalong class:

Age group: 0-3 years.

Cost: 24€ per child for the entire course (6 sessions).

For further information and to book: click here

Il Etait une fois location: 6, rue Tony Bourg, Luxembourg-Gasperich, L-1278 Luxembourg

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As mother of two darling babies, Certified IMPI Holistic Sleep Coach, Baby Planner and Happiest Baby Educator, Marise Hyman provides worldwide maternity coaching for expecting/future/new parents through Marise Hyman Maternity Coaching – setting them up for success, so they can sail into their new lives with confidence!

She is also the founder of the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep, an edgy non-profit organisation raising awareness for green, natural & holistic parenting alternatives, birth rights and postnatal mood disorders by offering a variety of inspiring social and educational events in Luxembourg

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