Eve’s Luxmama-2B Review on Yoga


I’ve been trying to maintain my fitness levels somewhat during my pregnancy and had been going to the gym until I finished up at work. But by 32 weeks I was feeling quite enormous – that seems laughable now at 40 weeks – but I thought having to modify so many of my movements at the gym made it not really worth going anymore. I also really felt that I wanted someone who was qualified in training pregnant women, as the last thing I wanted was an injury at this stage.

Once I finished up at work and my schedule was a lot more flexible I started to look for yoga and pilates classes. After a lot of googling, I came across the Studio in Kirchberg, their prices seemed too good to be true* so I decided to sign up. I bought a ten class subscription that was valid for four months.

I’ve been so impressed so far. The courses are taught by qualified physiotherapists so I felt I can really trust them to know exactly what we should be doing and I am therefore much more likely to keep my focus than when I’m trying to second guess an unqualified gym instructor.

In both courses the instructors will come over to correct the positions of the class participants and if anything feels uncomfortable they will modify them. The instructors are generally very helpful and will often give general advice on healthy movement during and after pregnancy. I found the tips on getting out of bed very useful. I have mostly been attending the prenatal courses but have also attended a couple of the postnatal pilates “bébés bienvenues” classes and found them very good also.

They seem very well organized with some toys for the babies and the instructor will often pick up babies that seem unsettled so their mums can continue exercising.

The courses are conducted in French but I have noticed the instructors speaking English to some of the participants so presumably the individual courses are also offered in English.

The only real downside is that the admin is very slow. It’s necessary to phone or email to book a class and often responses are slow, in addition, the website often isn’t updated to reflect cancelled classes.
*The price is set to go up soon.

About the Author:
Eve is a market researcher by day, food blogger by night living in Luxembourg city with her husband and very spoilt cat awaiting her first baby.



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