Conscious Food

This month in the Luxmama Blog, we are very happy to have a conscious Guest writer, David from Conscious Foods! Enjoy!

My name is David. I have a background in finance and when that bored the life out of me I decided to do something that I am actually interested in.

Conscious Foods is a ‘slow food’ project aimed at providing quality products to people with an interest in a conscious diet. It is targeted to those who want to eat healthy and I also offer the possibility to buy in bulk.

The project started a few years ago and has many aspects. On the supply side, I have handpicked a selection of small producers – mostly from Greece – with exceptional produce. I push unknown Greek products to support the struggling agricultural sector. At the same time I wish to support different grains. Many of the pulses are of traditional varieties, which are of a higher quality than what you typically find in the market.


My interest in sustainable agricultural methods came about throughout my experiences in living in different ashrams and collectives around the world.  I believe that many of the environmental problems we face can be tackled through taking conscious decisions as consumers. Conscious Foods is about protecting our biodiversity and living a conscious life.

Since I enjoy turning my passions into my professions, I am also employed with a permaculture team working on private gardens. We aim to educate households to engage with their gardens and transforming them into low-maintenance plots of abundance.

It is believed that if one person out of ten used their garden to grow food all of the world’s hunger would disappear.

Eating consciously makes you stronger and healthier. It makes you more compassionate towards others and this makes the world a better place.

We save tons of wasted energy and pollute way less. We preserve our biodiversity and seed heritage. But most importantly we shift the balance of power from big corporations back into our hands.

Many corporations are taking control of the food production through seed patenting, GMOs, and petrochemicals. And they are very good at it since they have spread all over the world. This year the EU approved a further 19 new GM organisms for imports. And with the TTIP negotiations taking place, things could worsen.


I sincerely believe that this can be reversed by living consciously. Knowing what to buy and when. Informing ourselves where something comes from and how it was made. This will set the rules for ethical business and our children will thank us for it. xx Namaste.

Next, to spice it up – we’ve asked David a couple of questions:

Luxmama: Do you currently have children?



Luxmama: Would you like to have children of your own one day?



Luxmama: How do you think can parents of today inspire their children to live a more conscious life?


By living one themselves. Teach them to appreciate all aspects of life on all levels. There is great beauty everywhere and children are great at seeing it. Parents should encourage that and show that everything in the universe is connected. Harming your body is harming the universe and vice versa. Patience is a great virtue and that can be taught effectively if the parents practice it themselves. Meditation too can bring great benefits especially if it is taught at a young age.

Luxmama: Where did you grow up yourself?


Some of my childhood was in Greece, but a big part of it was in Luxembourg.

Luxmama: What is your favourite childhood memory?


I am somewhere outside and its warm. I see a tree, I hear some bird chatter and the sun is setting. All my senses are awakened and everything is perfect. I did not get to feel like that again for a very long time and only through extensive meditation.

Luxmama: What is your favourite children’s song?


At the time it was the national anthem because of the way schools’ way of initiating nationalistic fascism into our minds. More accurately it would probably be the way I imagined the pipers song would sound when he took all the kids away. That must have been some tune!


Luxmama: Are you available for babysitting? (Just a little joke 🙂


LOL. Sure, as long as we can play board games…

More about David:pretty

David is from Greko-Irish descent and Luxo brewed. A farmer, Lover & Rastaman. He loves plants, especially growing them and he would plant anything anywhere. He is easygoing and positive. He travels to see the outside, sits still to see the inside. He is also the founder of Conscious Foods.


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