Luxembourg Parcs part 1: Parc Mersch

This is the first in a series about the amazing parks that there are to explore in Luxembourg, which is a must as the summer arrives! Also as we have no car all the parks are easily accessible by public transport.

Our first park is Mersch park, a beautiful green space. It is just perfect for those days when you want to head out of the city!

LMblog1It is wide open space with a small lake, 3 different play park areas, wide gravel paths suitable for buggies, bikes, wheelchairs and wheeled toys. There are many park benches dotted about the main park areas and a few picnic tables. Also there are many trees perfect for having a picnic underneath. Meemoo and Pook had a blast playing there for a whole day a few weeks ago.

Toddler Park Area 

LMblog2(up to 5 years)

It is fenced off from the rest of the park and has a wide variety of toys, for the younger toddler and older more adventurous. There are cute little houses, trampolines, seesaws and slides.

Younger Child Park

(3-8 years)

This is in the centre of the park. You cant miss it!  It is a large wooden platform with different bridges, slides and interesting ways to climb up. Meemoo and Pook enjoyed running around playing an imaginative game as they explored.

Next to this is a very large zip wire, it did not see as scary as it looked.  Pook enjoyed having a go!

Older Child Park 

LMblog3(5 years plus)

This is opposite the park for younger children. It has many amazing swings. There is a large tyre swing that swings, rocks and bounces all at the same time. Also it has a large spinning tyre swing. There are many interesting things to climb and clamber over. It has an amazing Willow maze, which was also the perfect place to sit in the shade and eat an ice cream.

The Lake 

LMblog4There is a wooden platform you can walk out on to see the lake. Meemoo and Pook enjoyed watching the ducks. Behind this we went on a very short circular walk. It led us back across another wooden platform, towards the small cafe.


It has a small cafe open in the Summer months selling hot and cold drinks, hot snacks plus the all important ice cream for a sunny day.  Next to this there is a set of toilets for customers of the cafe. There is also a public toilet.

How to get there by public transport?

We are still enjoying exploring Luxembourg without a car! Mersch park is surprisingly simple to get to from Gare central. The train ride out of the city was enjoyable spotting all the bridges, looking over the Grund and Clausen . On arriving at Mersch the park is reached by a relatively short walk with two young children. Once leaving the train station head straight along the main road through the town and up past the church with the Dragon water fountain. Then take the next left and park is right in front of you.

Note: All age recommendations are the authors own opinion.

More about the Author


I am Gemma, Mummy to Meemoo, 3, and Pook, 5, and wife to Speedy!

We love nicknames in our house. I am currently looking after my two children at home, finding time to write and create play ideas, play spaces and simple crafts to keep us all entertained! In a previous life I was an Early Years Teacher and I can be found most Tuesday reading stoires at Il etait une fois asbl in Gasperich.

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  1. Hi! It is Miguel’s mother. We have talked yesterday about this place. I am looking forward to know it now. Thanks for your recommendation. Kss

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      We have one last session this Tuesday 11th July and then we will be closed for the Summer. Yes it will be continuing in September, not confirmed times and dates yet. If you are interested can you please email

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