Top 7 locations for bump-shoot

The magical moment of birth is not far and you would like to have a pregnancy photoshoot in Luxembourg.

Naturally, you may ask your friends, your Facebook friends, in your Facebook groups, your colleagues, Google and many more where they had their pregnancy photoshoot or which places they would suggest or you would chose one yourself after having visited the place.

It is true that Luxembourg has many potential places, as Luxembourg is full of beautiful sceneries, forests, parks, lakes and castles.

From all this, I tried to make a little “shortlist” of Luxembourg Castles which I believe will give the best photos ever and will connect the pregnant woman with nature, herself and her baby.

1. Beaufort Castle!

Top choice due to location, natural beauty and lake. 

It’s actually two castles: one medieval in ruins and one renaissance.

Apart from the castles themselves that are great backgrounds, the surrounding nature is just amazing! A little lake opposite the castle with swans and a new wooden path, the green grass, the tall trees, all makes it the perfect place! In addition, logistics are easy as there is parking right in front of the castle and the road to reach it does not have lots of turns 🙂

For more info:

Beaufort Castle as seen from the lake

Beaufort Castle as seen from the lake

2. Müllerthal

…or Little Switzerland where you can find the famous waterfalls of Luxembourg.

Everybody talks about it but when you actually go there you realize that the waterfalls are not so big but somehow this place helps you reconnect with your inner self, with nature and of course with the water, the source of life.

I must admit that it does not seem to be the typical place for a heavily pregnant woman to walk around, but if you decide to do your photoshoot in Beaufort castle, the waterfalls are not far from there and you can just stop by for 1-2 shoots. It’s really like a fairy tale!


Müllerthal’s beautiful waterfall

3. Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle is one of my favourites in Luxembourg. It is not so touristic, very well maintained, surrounded by beautiful forest area and not far to reach. It is one of my top choices.

Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle

There is a great bonus that comes with this place: a very nice hotel which is next to the river and with lots of grass where you can take nice pictures 🙂 You can also rest and have a coffee.

For more info:

The hotel is Cocoon Hotel Belair:

4. The gardens of Villa Vauban in city centre (you may need to ask for authorization)

Villa Vauban

Villa Vauban

Villa Vauban has the big asset that it is close to the city centre and makes the logistics easier. It’s also a beautiful place where serenity meets luxury and simplicity all at the same time.

5. Munsbach Castle

Just beautiful! The castle is very impressive and will definitely become the perfect background for a fairy tale pregnancy photoshoot.

For more info:

Photo of Munsbach Castle

Munsbach Castle

6. Chateu d’Urspelt 

This castle is absolutely wonderful and it is built after typical Luxembourgish architecture. It has beautiful gardens and the facilities of the nearby hotel. A white outfit would perfectly match this castle!

For more info:

Chateu d'Urspelt

Chateu d’Urspelt

7. Chateau de Septfontaines

A small beautiful castle not far from the centre of Luxembourg City, with beautiful gardens and is very easy to access.

For more info:

Chateu de Septfontaines

Chateau de Septfontaines

For all places suggested, it is highly recommended to confirm the possibility of access before organizing the photoshoot, just to be in the safe side!

Now all you have to do is to enjoy and SMILE!! 🙂

More about the Author

Professional headshot Elfi smile

Elfi joined Luxmama Club as a volunteer in 2015.  Along with her full time role in an international organization and raising her daughters, she is passionate about writing stories and helping other people share theirs. Stories that empower, inspire and create the ” you are not alone” feeling.  You can see more of her work in her recent blog but also in (articles in greek) and (articles in english) 


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