Passport Photos for Babies

A few months after your new baby is born and the initial fog has lifted, you start getting organized. As most of us are expats living in Luxembourg and/or we loooove to travel, we need a passport/ID card for the new little person in our life.

Here are our recommendations to how and where to get the passport PHOTOS done!

The most popular method seems to be taking the picture yourself! Once you have managed to keep the baby still and on a grey or white background (check with your embassy what is allowed as some countries can be pretty strict with their passport pictures), you can either send the photo per email or bring it on a USB key directly to the photo shop and they will print it for you.

It is very important to be clear on the requirements of your photos, for instance it is sometimes required that baby should:

  • not be smiling
  • with open eyes (fair enough but if it’s a newborn that can only stay happily awake for around an hour, impeccable timing is going to be of the essence)
  • with a closed mouth (getting tricky now…)
  • not be sucking on a pacifier or anything else for that matter
  • not be crying. And again here, timing is going to be of the essence. Therefore plan the session so baby is not overtired, or over-hungry and just freshly woken up from a good nap
  • not be wearing any hats, bandanas, glasses or tiaras… Really!

If you do not trust your own photographic skills there are a few places you can go and they will take great care of you and your baby!

Finally, you can also hire a professional photographer to take the photo, perhaps as part of a fabulous family shoot! We really love to work with the following wonderful talents (and regular photography volunteers for Luxmama):
F&G Photography
Laura Pakasiene Photography:
Neha Poddar Photography:

Our top tip: before going to the Photo shop, check with the authorities to see how they prefer to have them done. The Danish Consulate in Luxembourg suggested we send our photo by email. We therefore didn’t have any cost regarding the printing of the photo. We did have a lot of takes at home as baby would not lie still, but we made it in the end!

What are your experiences? Share in the comments below!

More about the Author

Anne Louise is a mother of two small boys and works as a Holistic Health Coach in Luxembourg. Her passion is helping people, just like you, feel better about themselves through self-care, nutrition and exercise.  

Her dream is that we all start taking better care of ourselves, by eating better, exercising, having healthy relationships, healthy careers and everything else we need, to be at our absolute best. Her dream is that we all Get Real about lives, our health and our well-being.

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Anne Louise is also a blogger (click here to find her blog) and a volunteer for the Luxmama Club. You can meet her at our monthly Bellies & Booties event.


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About Anne Louise

I’m a certified health coach offering you a space to embrace your imperfections, grow from the inside out and to show up 100 % in your life! My mission is to help individuals figure out how to become wholesome; balancing health, life and wellbeing in a broader perspective than just diet or meditation. I help my clients step into their true values to ensure that they live their lives to the fullest (body, mind and health). With new found confidence and courage to fully embrace who they really are at the core, they feel energised and can live in harmony with their bodies and minds. Email me for free sample session:

1 thought on “Passport Photos for Babies

  1. Hello. Could you also provide the list of places where we could print the camera / mobile phone photos ? I checked at Auchan Kirchberg but the staff said they do not do it.

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