Wrap your baby! About baby carrying

As a mother, you will carry your baby around nine months in your belly. After the birth, you might feel an emptiness, like something is missing. The belly is still there, kind of. But the baby is in your arms now. You might feel the need to have a smoother transition than that. It is normal! You wonder how. There comes the wrap or carrier!

And believe me, your baby needs this transition too. Did you hear about the benefits that carried babies experience? And you as parents too? It stimulates the cognitive development, promotes sleep, ensures proper development of joints, muscles and especially the tiny hips, facilitates digestion and it is perfect for premature babies! It is proven, that they gain weight faster when carried.

Baby carrying contributes the parent-child bond – even if the beginning was hard for both (difficult birth, post partum depression – there are many reasons and often things which don’t work out as we wished them to, but nothing is lost).

It reinforces the sense of parental competence and self-confidence.
How to carry your baby? Avoid neck, back or shoulder pain with an adapted wrap or carrier, get this freedom of movement and make a choice for your economics and our ecology. Baby carrying is definitely saving you money and it is better for the environment.
I became a baby carrying consultant because it’s my passion and a lifestyle. Before the birth of our daughter, I was convinced about the benefits of carrying. 
I always adored the images of men and women in warmer countries, wearing their little ones in beautiful wraps in a way that seems so obvious and easy. I wanted to do the same. But I didn’t see many people carrying their babies here.
I bought a wrap. 
I watched videos and tutorials.
I read and watched again. 
I watched them slower.
I was motivated…and ended up lost with my super long elastic wrap.
I didn’t give up with my wrap and found out that you can do this even professionally.
Why not, with the equipment that I got in the meantime, I could have opened even my own shop, I told myself.
I knew directly: this is the thing to do! I want to become somebody that helps parents through and out of this labyrinth. This is a call!

Our daughter participates from the beginning in all daily life activities as she is carried a lot. And we ARE active. She sees everything and everyone and she is seen. And she is such an easy and happy baby.

When I meet somebody in the street, she can make eye contact. If she wants. If she has enough of the world out there, she turns her head against me and sleeps or rests. Strangers often want to touch our babies, do you agree with me? And us, the parents, we hate it – you agree on that one too? Not so simple in a wrap. You protect your tiny treasure so much easier. Now baby is not so accessible to dirty outside fingers. The place in front of our hearts is a safe haven.

When I carry my daughter, I take a break from this daily madness. How long will she want to be carried? Thanks to good quality material and wrapping techniques, it is not a problem to wear up to 20kg. Carrying is not just for babies, it is for toddlers too.
No, my back doesn’t hurt. Yes, don’t worry, she can breathe in there. And no, the position is not unhealthy – it is the contrary in fact.

I wish we learned to trust ourselves again and listen to our intuition. I am here to help you with this too, not just how to put your baby in and then out and where to adjust the node. 
We need to become the competent parents, which our children need, especially nowadays. 

About me

I am Honorata, 31 years old. I live in France at the Luxembourgish border with my family. I am passionate about baby wearing and obtained my certificate via “Die Trageschule ®” in Germany“. During my free time I enjoy horse riding and long walks. I offer individual and group workshops around baby carrying in the whole area. It is also possible to rent baby carriers that I have in my assortment or to try them out during group walks that I organise regularly.

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